The newest UMAMI Signature Kitchen

The newest UMAMI Signature Kitchen

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UMAMI Signature Kitchen

The UMAMI Signature Kitchen, designed by Thomas Haarmann, emerges as a notable achievement from the collaboration of Van Rossum and Obumex. Venturing back to the quintessential essence of a kitchen, the UMAMI kitchen introduces an open-plan concept that champions a minimalist aesthetic and functionality.

Haarmann has skillfully stripped the design down to its core, with an intention to spotlight the artisanal craftsmanship and the profound materiality inherent in the kitchen’s composition. The kitchen is an ode to simplicity, where the use of wood and natural stone is utilised as a declaration of the kitchen's identity, enveloping its surfaces, drawers and even the inner framework of its drawers.

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The UMAMI kitchen stands as a testament 
to the belief in the honest expression of materials, 
offering a space where functionality and aesthetics 
harmonise to enrich daily life.

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