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dunes residence


subdued colour palette

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Wood veneer infuses the space with warmth while Dei Medici sandstone, with its ethereal, beige hue, evokes grounded tranquility. The composition is completed by the inclusion of soft luxurious textiles. 

nature-connected home

Eline Ostyn Cadzand 066 v4 HR
Eline Ostyn Cadzand 516 HR

Echoing the landscape

Drawing inspiration from the rippling dunes of Cadzand, the meticulous design of Eline Ostyn fosters a profound connection to the natural world using soft colours and materials. 

The use of custom-made Obumex furniture and a focus on pushing the boundaries of construction elevates the project beyond the ordinary. Every detail is carefully considered and beautifully executed.

Eline Ostyn Cadzand 021 HR
Eline Ostyn Cadzand 204 HR
Eline Ostyn Cadzand 411 HR
Eline Ostyn Cadzand 368 HR
Cadzand 349 HR Verne
Cadzand 720 HR Verne