Interior design: From renovations to kitchens and furniture

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total interior:
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In every interior design, Obumex designs an atmosphere that suits you. Whether it is the combination of steel and wood, of light and dark or of soothing elements and eye-catchers. Coordinating everything in your interior design is an art. Light, furniture, floors, walls, etc., all contribute to creating a personalised ambience in the home. At Obumex, we have many years of experience in designing an interior that perfectly matches your personal taste and the style of your home. At Obumex, you’ll find what you need for a bespoke luxury interior. Whether you are looking for a kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, office or bespoke built-in cabinets. 


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For 60 years, Obumex has been known for timeless kitchen design, refined furniture and customised interiors, as well as top-to-bottom renovations. In case you seek to update your home or second home, Obumex is your one-stop port of call, with all required expertise in-house, leaving you in the good care of one single point of contact and our own project team. We coordinate the entire project, from concept phase all the way to finishing the smallest details. With a tailored approach and focus on delivering perfection, on innovation and craftsmanship as a lead theme. At the same time will we manage both the planning and budget - to make sure you remain stress-free throughout, and enjoy peace of mind.

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Obumex designs timeless kitchens that do not lose any of their charisma, even after many years. All our designer kitchens result from a careful consideration of materials, colours and design. We combine this with high-quality craftsmanship, innovation and refinement down to the smallest detail. That is how we create designer kitchens with personality that simultaneously radiate a warm homely feeling and subtle luxury. Your designer kitchen becomes a place with cachet and a soul — a piece of heaven where you will find peace and safety.

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Unlike other interior furniture businesses, we do not limit ourselves to selecting design furniture from one specific brand or collection. Instead, our experts put together a harmonious ensemble of carefully selected design furniture from various high-end labels. Keywords that we use are integration, harmony, refinement, elegance and personal feeling. Obumex considers timelessness and sustainability to be of paramount importance. All the design furniture we sell is closely aligned with this philosophy.

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