Kitchen designer: a wonderful profession

Kitchen designer:
a wonderful profession

A kitchen is a space in the house like no other. Designing it is therefore a craft in itself. That is precisely why at Obumex, no fewer than 20 in-house architects specialize in the noble art of kitchen design. Do you work with an (interior) architect for your project? Our specialists speak their language and support their design vision. This way we establish a collaboration that delivers exactly what you expect from it: a kitchen that fits seamlessly into your home and into your life, both functionally and aesthetically.

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01/ Choosing directions

What counts most, is how you are going to use the kitchen. Our kitchen designers know from experience how to find the right way to grasp your situation (available space, practical wishes, family composition, etc.) and use it as a guideline for all crucial choices: from the layout of the kitchen space right up to the selection of materials.


02/ Reflecting personality

A successful kitchen design is one with a clearly recognizable style: yours. We create a space that reflects your taste and personality in colors, shapes and materials. At the same time it meets all of your functional needs. It is personal and authentic, and above all fully tailored to the customer for whom it was created.

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03/ Material is king

The kitchen designer’s profound knowledge of materials ensures that, from composition to feeling and functionality, every element from floor and splashback to baseboard and cabinet front finds the exact right balance between beauty and durability.


04/ Tools, tools, tools

The kitchen designer is familiar with the extensive selection of appliances that are available on the market. Both in terms of look and functionality, he or she knows how to integrate precisely those devices into the design that match the cooking habits and lifestyle of a hobby chef, a large family or a household of two.


05/ Seeing is believing

The kitchen designer is an expert in visualizing kitchen creations. With specially developed software, he translates the design into 3D simulations that detail the atmosphere of the project. This way you get to assess whether the concept meets all your requirements, even in the early design stages.

06/ Collaboration about competition

Even renowned interior architects prefer to work with a specialized kitchen designer. And for many of them Obumex is their first choice, because we respectfully acknowledge their vision and convert their creative ideas into functional concepts that fit the overall interior design.

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